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So...what exactly is this stuff ?

It`s a High protein Power Snack !!!!!!

Want some more information about our Fantastic products ? What....our word that you'll love this stuff isn't good enough for you?! Well, alright....if you insist. Click on the thumbnail for more info.

BiltongDroeworsChilli BiltongPowder

Beef Biltong

Choose from our selection of prefectly cured and dried Biltong, Traditionally Hand made with care by real South Africans
For a protein packed Healthy Snack Free Postage



Our traditional Droëwors is perfectly balanced with 15% natural, unsaturated fat which is the prefered healthier option. Free Postage



Our Chillibites are perfectly spiced to a medium to hot, with the traditional Mozambican Piri-Piri chilli. Free Postage

Chilli Bites

Piri-Piri Biltong

Biltong Perfctly spiced, medium to Hot with the traditional Mozambican Piri-Piri.

Free Postage
Piri-Piri Biltong

Powdered Biltong

Introducing for the first time in the UK, Biltong POWDER for a massive Protein Punch
This unique product has been broken down into powder form and is easely proccessed by the digestive system for maximum speed of absorbtion
" Coming Soon A body builders dream" Free Postage

Biltong Not Jerky

Means exatly that, "Biltong is not jerky" Biltong is a South African dried and cured meat enjoyed worldwide.

Beef Biltong has Optimal Nutrition value with minimal fat, Cholesterol or kilo jules and is packed with essential protein ideal for a high protein diet. It also has a very low GI value thus making beef biltong an ideal daily snack not affecting your energy levels


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Biltong not jerky will be at the following events this year

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